Prepare Your Construction Company Project To Prevent Storm Damages

You may want to have a word with trusted construction companies on how you can secure your abode and prevent hail or hurricane damage the best way possible. However, one cannot foresee with certainty what the future will hold. What can be done if you face damages to your furniture in the event of a storm?

Flooding happens due to various reasons. The principal concern of an Ri General Contractor have how to salvage the damages done to their interiors, furniture, etc. In most cases, it would still be possible to save your furniture. Should flooding occur due to a severe hurricane or storm, you will most likely get warned ahead of time so you may secure your furniture in an attempt to prevent water damages in the first place.

To establish whether a piece of furniture is worthy of saving, you need to look at the extent of the damage. In other words, the cost of the restoration should be weighed up against the cost of the item. Then again, what sentimental value does the furniture piece have? It might be a family heirloom you want to keep. 

Any furniture that is beyond repair should be set aside to be evaluated by your insurance company such as upholstered furniture that had been in the water for too long and resulted in mold or mildew growth, which in turn will have a long-term effect on your health. Warped furniture made from wood is also hard to salvage.

Water remediation companies suggest that you move any furniture affected to a dry area immediately to start the drying process. You can always place wooden blocks under the legs of the furniture if it is too heavy to move.

What Can Be Done About Water Damaged Upholstered Furniture?

If the furniture did not get soaked with water, it is suggested you separate the fabrics of the upholstery as well as any other colored items to illuminate the chance of color bleeding. It should be dried thoroughly to prevent mold from forming which is a possibility when it is more than 20 percent wet.

Should you decide to keep damaged upholstery due to its value, then it is in your best interest to hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you. The cleaning process may require stripping the fabric down to its frame. Webbing and springs may need to be replaced. It all depends on how extensive the water damage is.

Mattresses Also Present Problems

Even though beds may present the same issues as upholstered furniture, if it got exposed to water for a limited time, and the water was clean, then it can be saved. You can put the mattress out in the sun and ensure you keep the wet side as dry as possible by flipping it towards the sun.

You may want to keep the mattress suspended above the ground to speed up the drying process. Blowing a fan on it will also help. The minute you detect a musty odor, it may very well be an indication of mildew for which you’ll need a professional water remediation company to save the day.

Water Damaged Wood Furniture

You would be in luck if it were wood furniture that got damaged by leakage or flooding. It is often easier to restore solid wood furniture unless of course it got severely damaged.

You would need to have it cleaned and dried by an expert remediation company who will take the necessary care to restore it to its original condition.

What steps would be taken to restore wooden furniture?

If you are doing the restoration work yourself, then you may want to make use of turpentine to clean off any white mildew spots. Wipe it dry immediately.

The best way to steer clear from such damages is to fortify the strength of your roof and sidings so it may stand firm against tornados, hurricanes, or other storms.